Dental Temporisation

Temporary Dental Cement

Temp-Bond™ is a self-curing zinc-oxide eugenol-based temporary cement indicated for temporary crowns, bridges or splints, and for trial cementing permanent restorations. Its smooth flow allows for exceptional handling and results in effortless and complete restoration seating.

Temp-Bond™ Clear™

Temp-Bond™ Clear is a dual cure, eugenol free, transparent, resin based cement for temporary and provisional restorations. Available in a convenient automix syringe, it offers dual curing for added security and flexibility, ease of handling, excellent bond strength, yet easy removal from preparations when desired.

Temp-Bond™ Clear™ offers superior aesthetic results thanks to its high translucency and colour stability, while delivering optimal consistency for complete temporary restoration seatings.

Temp-Bond™ NE

Temp-Bond™ NE non-eugenol temporary zinc-oxide cement offers an option for patients allergic to eugenol. It does not inhibit the polymersation of permanent resin cements and acrylic temporaries, yet provides the same flow and retentive properties of Temp-Bond™.

The Dental Advisor 2017 - Top Winner Product The Dental Advisor 2017 - Award Winner - Cements:Temporary,Non-Eugenol

  • Temp Bond
  • Temp-Bond™ NE automix syringe


Temp Bond NE Export
61085 Temp Bond NE Export 1290 EGP
Base and catalyst tubes Each tube is 65g


Temp-Bond™ NE automix syringe
33685 Temp-Bond™ NE automix syringe 2500 EGP
2 x 11.8 g Syringe, 20 x Mixing Tip
Temp-Bond™ NE automix syringe
33685 Temp-Bond™ NE automix syringe 1250 EGP
1 x 11.8 g Syringe, 20 x Mixing Tip


Temp-Bond Clear with Triclosan's strength gives the clinician the peace of mind that the restoration will stay in place for the duration of time needed." Dr. Stephen D. Poss "In this age of cosmetic dentistry, Temp-Bond Clear with Triclosan is THE temporary cement for provisionally luting anterior temporary restorations to place." Dr. Gary Radz


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What should be used in place of Temp-Bond modifier since it has been discontinued?

Petrolatum e.g. vaseline should be used in place of Temp-Bond modifier.

What solvent may be used to remove Temp-Bond NE from prepared teeth and crowns?

Solitine liquid cream solvent can be used to remove Temp-Bond and Temp-Bond NE. This product should not be used in the mouth, but can be used on temporary and permanent crowns and bridges outside of the mouth. To remove Temp-Bond from teeth in the mouth, the best procedure is to prophy the teeth with flour pumice.

Temp-Bond is not setting up. Why?

If the batch number of the base and the accelerator are far apart, it is likely that the base and the accelerator are not matched. Bases and accelerators are matched to give a specific working time. Even though all bases are made the same, there are slight variations in the reactivity of the base paste. For this reason, we will match each batch of base with a suitable catalyst. For example, if the base has inherently faster working time, that base will be matched with a catalyst with a slower working time. This will give the proper handling characteristic. For this reason, it is not recommended to use a base from one kit of Temp-Bond, with an accelerator from another kit.

How will a eugenol containing temporary cement like Temp-Bond affect composite resin cements, like Nexus?

Eugenol containing temporary cements, like Temp-Bond, will inhibit the polymerization of resin cements, including Nexus

How was the Temp-Bond Modifier (now discontinued) used?

Temp-Bond Modifier was used to keep Temp-Bond from setting hard. A small amount is mixed in with the base and accelerator. This is often done when temporarily cementing a crown that fits the preparation very well. The dentist needs to be very careful when cementing a permanent restoration temporarily. It is not unusual that when this is done the dentist may have difficulty removing the restoration, even if Temp-Bond Modifier has been used.

How does Temp-Bond compare to Temp-Bond NE?

The same base paste is used in Temp-Bond NE as is used in Temp-Bond. The accelerator in Temp-Bond NE is a traditional resin modified formulation, based on the use of ortho ethoxy benzoic acid as the setting reactant.

How do you get Temp-Bond out of clothes?

Solitine will dissolve Temp-Bond. First check that the Solitine is compatible with the fabric that the Temp-Bond is in. Test a small amount of Solitine on the fabric where it will not be noticed if it does cause damage.

How can I make a bridge cemented with Temp-Bond easier to take off?

Mix in some Temp-Bond Modifier or Petrolatum into the Temp-Bond base before mixing with the accelerator. This will keep the Temp-Bond from setting as hard and will consequently make the bridge easier to remove. Well fitting abutments may still pose a problem.

Can Temp-Bond or Temp-Bond NE be used as a temporary restorative material?

Temp-Bond is used for temporary cementing crowns and bridges. It is not recommended as a temporary restorative material. It does not have good wear resistance and would wear away rather quickly.