RVG 142

Intraoral Imaging

RVG Sensors

Complex—without being complicated

The RVG 142 is very easy to use, but don’t let its simplistic nature fool you—this is one high-tech sensor. Capturing an image is as easy as position, expose, view. In seconds, the image appears, reducing waiting time for you and your patient. With no control box, there’s no need to arm the sensor or open the image acquisition interface to prepare the sensor for image acquisition. Instead, the RVG 142 sensor is always on and ready to acquire images. The rear-entry cable reduces bulk at the back of the sensor, making it easier for you to position the sensor and acquire an image—which increases patient comfort. The cable is also thinner, further facilitating positioning and handling. A convenient dose indicator helps identify over- or under-exposures, enabling you to quickly readjust X-ray settings.

  • RVG 142
  • RVG 142
  • RVG 142


Technical Specifications