CS 2100

Intraoral Imaging

Periapical X-RAY

Cost-Effectiveness—Without Compromise on Quality
Capture high-quality images safely and affordably Designed for dental professionals seeking ease of use and reliability, the CS 2100 intraoral X-ray system meets your needs. A high-frequency generator produces high-quality images that enable you to diagnose accurately and confidently—while minimizing radiation exposure. The flexible, smart design accommodates the space requirements of almost any practice. Adapted to every type of imaging technology, the CS 2100 system operates with both film and digital radiography, including the CS 7200 and CS 7600 imaging plate systems and RVG digital radiography systems.

  • CS 2100
  • CS 2100
  • CS 2100


Technical Specifications

Videos & Images

Flexible and Smart Design
Thanks to the unit's compact design, the CS 2100 System can easily fit into most practices. And with four mounting positions and three arm lengths to choose from, the unit is fully adaptable to your spacing requirements.
Unparalleled Usability
Compatible with every type of imaging technology, the CS 2100 System works with both film and digital radiography systems, including our CS 7600 system and RVG digital systems.
High-Quality Images
Providing the ideal blend of contrast and image definition, the 60kV generator boasts a 0.7 mm focal spot to help ensure sharp, contrasted images. And the unit's adjustable settings allow you to optimize exposure time as needed.


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