CS 7600

Intraoral Imaging

Imaging Plate Systems

CS 7600

The intelligent system that’s designed for shared use
With a fully automated workflow that features “Scan & Go” technology, the CS 7600 is ideal for a multi-user practice. The
plates have an electronic chip that attaches the patient’s information to any associated images. The system automatically
recognizes images and sends them to the appropriate computer and patient file without any user interaction. The system
automatically erases the plates, which are then available for reuse.
Thanks to CS Adapt’s preprogrammed filters, you can optimize your images according to
your diagnostic needs. The system renders images with clinically relevant details that are
more visible and helpful in the diagnostic process.

  • Supports all plate sizes, including size 3 for long bitewing radiographs and size 4 for true occlusal exams
  • Offers high image quality with true resolution up to 17 lp/mm
  • Provides a truly automated and secured workflow with Scan & Go technology
  • Comes with built-in memory to prevent data loss and image mix-ups
  • Features a compact design that can be used chairside or shared
  • Lets you scan in any order
  • Eliminates bottlenecks
  • Provides clear instructions and image previews via a built-in color monitor
  • Includes CS Adapt image enhancement filters

  • CS 7600
  • CS 7600
  • CS 7600