SonicFill™ 3


SingleFill™ Composite System

Introducing new, advanced SonicFill 3, now with improved adaptation and optimized for easier handling, sculptability, and polish. It’s the first sonic-activated bulk fill composite system that helps you craft quality restorations in one efficient step by eliminating the need for a liner or capping layer.

  • 5mm depth of cure with SingleFill Composite System.
  • Improved adaptation to the internal walls and restoration margins.
  • Better non-sticky handling.
  • Simpler to extrude during placement.
  • Low shrinkage stress for lasting marginal integrity

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SonicFill™ 3 Composite A3
36713 SonicFill™ 3 Composite A3 3800 EGP
Contains: 20 Unidose Tips
SonicFill™ 3 Composite A2
36712 SonicFill™ 3 Composite A2 3800 EGP
Contains: 20 Unidose Tips


Videos & Images

SonicFill™ 3 Pedestal Tooth Demo
SonicFIll 3 SingleFill™ Bulk Fill Composite System helps you craft quality restorations with greater ease and speed compared to incremental layering technique.
SonicFill™ Step by Step Instruction Video by Dr. Ron Jackson
This video includes clinical tip for bonding, isolation, finishing and polishing.
Dr. Courtney Lavigne’s personal experience with SonicFill™ 3.
A SonicFill user for 4 years, Dr. Lavigne details the improvements of SonicFill 3.
Is SonicFill™ just another bulk fill Composite?
Dr. Ralph Reyes converted from layering technique to SonicFill and fell in love with it!


This version seems to polish much better than previous versions.
Dr. Peter Stickney, Ocala, FL
It was an improvement on an already great material! This material was easier to handle than the regular SonicFill 2.
Dr. James Olsen, Ann Arbor, MI
I love your product. I have been using SonicFill for years. I won’t use anything else.
Dr. Bricanei Dyer, St. George, UT
I think this product [SonicFill 3] is far superior to the last version, SonicFill 2. It appears more dense... much better handling!
Dr. Joseph O’leary, North East, PA
Extrusion and consistency of composite was far superior to previous SonicFill 2.
Dr. Ben McCormely, North Huntingdon, PA


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What is SonicFill™ 3?

The new, advanced SonicFill™ 3 is a sonic-activated, nanohybrid composite that provides an easy and efficient single-step bulk fill restorative procedure. SonicFill 3 is the first sonic-activated bulk fill composite that acts both as a flowable composite during placement, and as a non-sticky, easy to sculpt material after the sonic energy is removed.

What is new with SonicFill 3?

A. SonicFill 3 provides the following features and benefits:

  • Improved Adaptation and adhesion to the internal walls and margins
  • Improved non-sticky handling for easier sculpting, finish, and polish
  • Simple and easy extrusion during placement

While still retaining:

High filler loading: 81% by weight • Low shrinkage stress • High flexural strength • Excellent wear resistance

What do dentists say about the new SonicFill 3?

400 dentists across the US participated in the SonicFill 3 user preference testing. After more than 3,100 completed restorations, they overwhelmingly preferred SonicFill 3 over SonicFill™ 2.

Why is the SonicFill 3 Intro Kit pricing very different than SonicFill 2 Intro Kit?

The Intro Kit is an ideal way to introduce customers to SonicFill 3, and the price point is intended to remove any problems converting a customer that may hesitate at the cost of getting started. We win when we sell refills andwant to take down as many barriers as possible to do so. Also, now that KaVo Kerr operates as one company, delivering quality and value for our customers, we can pass on lowered production costs for the handpiece and thecoupler to our customers.

Why does SonicFill 3 packaging look different?

SonicFill 3 is the first Restorative product to use the KaVo Kerr branding that you see today at our trade shows, our business cards, and elsewhere throughout the company. Providing a singular brand enforces the Power of One andhelps communicate the breadth of products that we offer as a company. Going forward, new Restorative productswill follow the KaVo  brand design.

I can’t find the IFU in the new SonicFill 3 Refill boxes?

The SonicFill 3 IFU is now available in digital format on our website You will find aninsert card in the Unidose Refill boxes directing users to this link. Users can also review or download additional content such as case studies and training videos. The insert card also provides information on registration for theKaVo Kerr Preferred program.