OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal

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Introducing OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal. Built on its predecessor OptiBond™ XTR, it combines the reliability of patented OptiBond™ GPDM technology with the peace of mind of a consistent, universal solution. Its two-component formulation brings together the power of a total-etch adhesive and the safety of a self-etch technique in one consistent protocol. When used together, OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal and NX3 Nexus™ cement combine the clarity of one standardized process for all indirect procedures, with outstanding results even in total dark cure mode.

  • The Gold Standard In Adhesion. Kerr’s proven OptiBond™ GPDM Monomer ensures more effective and reliable adhesion than other adhesive monomers to both the tooth structure and the resin material.
  • Two Bottles. One Consistent Protocol. Prior to curing OptiBond eXTRa Universal features a very low pH for effective enamel etching. After curing the pH neutralizes creating outstanding compatibility with virtually all types of cements composites and core build-up materials and eliminating the need for any auxiliary product.

  • OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal
  • OptiBond™ eXTRa Universal
  • Opti Bond Extra Universal


OptiBond eXTRa Universal Bottle Kit
36658 OptiBond eXTRa Universal Bottle Kit 6900 EGP
Bottle Kit Contains: 1 Bottle Primer (5ml), 1 Bottle Adhesive (5ml), 50 Applicators, 25 Mixing Wells, 1 Technique Card


Top benefits of OptiBond eXTRa Universal

Strong & durable

OptiBond eXTRa Universal ensures a double effective action on both tooth structure and the restorative material, resulting in effective bond strength and durability.


Consistent & simple

Rely on one single protocol for all indications: from direct to indirect in combination with any type of resin.



The patented OptiBond technology delivers excellent penetration into dentinal tubules, giving you protection against microleakage and post-operative sensitivity.



Reduce inventory with the choice of one single bonding solution for all treatments and techniques.



Uniform and very low film thickness delivers amazing aesthetic results


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