Digital Dentistry,Case Study

When world-class athletes from around the globe gathered in Brazil in 2016, it’s unlikely they were thinking about dental restorations. But for many of them, that’s exactly what they got. And for many more, they received mouth guards of a quality they’d never seen before.The dental work took place in a clinic that was installed specifically for the athletic competition. What makes this story unique is that this temporary dental facility was able to complete the restorations with a one-day turnaround and zero mistakes. They all fit beautifully—and they needed to, based on some of the patients’ physical capabilities. “Some of the athletes were really big—over 130 kilos*—and had a very strong bite,” said Dr. Eduardo Tinoco, the dentist who led the dental team. “If the occlusal surface had been off even a little, the athlete could shatter the restoration.” What was the secret to this speed and level of accuracy? A digital workflow, lots of preparation and the right partnerships




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